Organization Starts in the Mind – Then its Makeup!

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Its a new year and its time to get organized! Yes everyone talks about getting organized but what does that really mean?  I think organization starts from within, from being organized mentally and setting an intention for your day before you even step out of bed!  So once your mental organization is at it’s prime peak, its time to look at the little everyday areas of our lives that could cause us stress from chronic disorganisation, that could be anywhere from your kitchen to your kid’s bedroom.  In my case it is my makeup area.  I don’t own what I consider a crazy amount of make up, although it is a sizable amount for my personal use.  I really needed to get an organization system for my hoard up and running, so I opted for an acrylic stationary holder to house most of my goods.  This is the perfect solution for keeping me organized and its also makes getting ready a little less annoying from not being able to find what I need.

Blog - Makeup Organization 018

I store my makeup brushes in these clear acrylic pen holders and I find that its keeps them upright and I can find the precise brush I need with ease. I keep a trio of these pen holders in one large square vase that makes the whole system quite transferable to whatever space I am working on.

Blog- Makeup OrganizationBlog- Makeup Organization 021

Lastly I am storing my high-end lipsticks and glosses in another acrylic storage container designed specifically for lipsticks. This is a nice way to display the beautiful packaging and keep them in my eye-line for when I want to reach for a nice color for a special event or night on the town. Otherwise for days at home I am more than happy to reach for a drug store brand or one of my Nicka K lippies which come in such fun shades for such a fabulous price!

Hope my organizational aids inspire you to streamline whatever collections you have acquired. Remember it all starts with an organized mind!

Until next time.

Christina x

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