Back to Blogging – check out my new makeup organization for 2014!

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Hey guys! Its been a while! Been so busy with our move but now we are settled and I am back to blogging!

In this video I show you around my bathroom which is where I store and apply my makeup. I have my makeup stored on my vanity table inside clear acrylic containers which I find not only attractive to look at as a display but they are extremely easy to stay organized because you always know what’s inside because they are transparent. I am in love with eyeshadow palettes at the moment and am always experiment with different eye looks but my blushes pretty much remain the same 3 shades. Lipsticks have changed for me in the past year from purchasing only very high -end Chanel lipstick to now enjoying Nicka K lipstick which costs only 1 dollar! I enjoy experimenting with different shades without feeling the pinch to my wallet, although who knows my Chanel habit my come back again. All of the containers I use for my makeup organization can be purchased on

Until next time!
Christina x

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