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Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere Fragrance Review|Chanel’s #N5NY Exhibit!

We have only been back from vacation for 1 week and boom! It was Mother’s Day. I repeatedly told my husband that I didn’t want any gifts, that he and my daughter are the best presents that I could ever want. However despite my protests, my husband very kindly and lovingly insisted on getting me a Mother’s

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Sweep the Clouds Away in these sunny Chanel Specs! – Chanel 5183 Sunglasses

Are you looking to bring some style and sophistication back into your sunglasses life? Are you tired of looking worse for wear as you drop your kids off to school or after a late night and want to look like a pulled-together professional instead?  I think these sunglasses from Chanel might be the answer for you! These Chanel 5183

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Back to Blogging – check out my new makeup organization for 2014!

Hey guys! Its been a while! Been so busy with our move but now we are settled and I am back to blogging! In this video I show you around my bathroom which is where I store and apply my makeup. I have my makeup stored on my vanity table inside clear acrylic containers which

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