Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere Fragrance Review|Chanel’s #N5NY Exhibit!

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We have only been back from vacation for 1 week and boom! It was Mother’s Day. I repeatedly told my husband that I didn’t want any gifts, that he and my daughter are the best presents that I could ever want. However despite my protests, my husband very kindly and lovingly insisted on getting me a Mother’s Day gift and boy was I surprised when he presented me with my all-time favorite perfume and body lotion by Chanel.


Chanel’s Eau Premiere is a refreshing version of the classic No.5. The fragrance holds the same notes of Jasmine, Rose, and Vetiver.  However this rendition is much more fresh with crisp opening notes of citrus that make this version pack a punch like the sophisticated, rambunctious millennial daughter that it is.


I was fortunate enough to attend a pop-up exhibit of “Chanel in a New Light” in Chelsea’s Meatpacking District in NYC. It was such an illuminating experience to witness the evolution of such an iconic brand.


If you would like to see my review of this fragrance in further detail, and to see a bit of the #N5NY exhibit for yourself, check out my video below.

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