Children’s Party Outfit of the Day – Understated Mommy Chic!

It was Saturday morning and pouring rain outside.  We were scheduled to attend a children’s party and Ellie was totally excited to go! Problem for me is the party is at a children’s play space, and as all my previous experiences at Gymboree have taught me, it is so important to dress appropriately as a mother when you attend these parties.  Does the phrase “leave crack alone” resonate with any of my mommies out there? LOL.  So when in these situations, I always reach for my mommy-wardrobe uniform: a longer tunic-shaped top paired with leggings, add a few statement accessories and rainy day boots and Voila! You have “Understated Mommy Chic”!

Weekly Meals Part 2 015

Weekly Meals Part 2 029

The Denimn shirt-dress is from Old  You can purchase it online here:

In this outfit, I was able to run, jump, skip and play with my daughter and we had a great time.  If you would like to see my describe the outfit further, check out my video below!

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