Jewelry and Closet Organization Tour! Tips to Declutter for a New You!


We all have too much stuff.  I have too much stuff.  I was in this situation where  it was taking ages to get dressed every morning. It was either that nothing matched or the clothes were not appropriate to my lifestyle anymore. Power-suit shoulders at school drop-off  just don’t look quite right.  As for accessories? Forget about it.  I could never find my stuff! Earring studs had no match, necklaces were in perpetual tangles and some baubles were just too bright.  I realized it was time to organize my jewelry and closet space NOW!

My process was simple: I asked myself if I loved the item or not.  If the answer was no, then I got rid of it. By the end of my two-week process, I had 6 huge black bags of items which I have now donated to my local clothes charity.  Now when I go into my closet to get ready I know the items inside are things that I actually want to wear and are things that look good on me. It feels great getting ready in the morning!

Closet org Pics 003

As for jewelry, I have sectioned out just a few key pieces that I will wear this autumn and winter, with the rest tucked away in tarnish free bags ready for my summer ensembles.  Since there are only a few pieces of jewelry on display, I am more likely to wear what’s in front of me, instead of rummaging through an accessories avalanche. The result is looking polished and put together in no time at all, which is perfect for a busy mom’s schedule!

Closet org Pics 004

It is amazing how renewed I feel after letting go of the items that were no longer useful to me.  if you would like further information on how I de-cluttered my stuff, check out my video below!   How do you de-clutter your space?

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2 comments on “Jewelry and Closet Organization Tour! Tips to Declutter for a New You!”

  1. Great post. This post is the inspiration I needed. I’ve been feeling very cluttered about my clothes and shoes closets. In the coming days I’m going to be finding I have a few more spare hours in the day. Time for a big Fall clean-up. I don’t know why I find myself holding onto stuff I have worn for years. Right now I feel overwhelmed by this task but I can’t wait for the feeling after the downsizing.


    1. Hi Bri!
      I am so glad the post inspired you to do a fall clean-up! I know it is hard to get rid of stuff you’ve had for a while and it can feel very overwhelming! Perhaps you can start small just doing a little bit every day and collecting the unwanted items in bags. When you finish de-cluttering you can then live with your more compact closet for a month or so, just to figure out if you miss any of the old stuff. Chances are you won’t and you’ll know you are now ready to donate the clutter and open up your space for new opportunities. Good Luck!

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