Play Room Organization – How to Get Your Kids to Keep Toys Organized!

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Most people have a junk drawer.  You know that catch-all that holds everything and anything.  We had a junk room, and unfortunately it was where we were spending most of our time!  Now what sort of family would live in a junky room, you might ask.  Well a family with kids lives in a junky room, and we were that family until now!

We are lucky that our family room is not the main living room of our house.  But even so, the constant state of disarray was becoming increasingly unpleasant.  We would attempt to organize the toys by throwing them all into a basket or bin, but all those attempts at organizing were short lived.  As soon as our 3 year old DD would come to play, all the toys would get thrown all over the room again and the chaos would return.

As a mom, it really gets you down when you have to face such a mess day in and day out, and as a result sometimes you just want to go on a clean-up strike, and I did.

However the problem doesn’t go away. It just get worse with each passing day and each growing pile of crazy.  The solution was not in compiling piles of toys in one giant bin, but rather in micro-organizing the toys into small compartments.  This encourages organizational skill development in my daughter and makes tidying up a breeze now because everything has a home.

I bought this Honey-Can-Do kids toy storage unit from and it has been fantastic! It is easy to assemble and DD loves the bright pastel colors of the compartments.

Family Room org part 2 008

Play-time is more fun because each toy has a compartment which can be removed from the shelf and brought onto her playmat.  When she is done, she can return it to the shelf and is ever-so proud of her new found organization skills!

Family Room org part 2 013

We have reclaimed our family room and it is a more fun place to be for the whole family!  If you would like to see what our family room looked like before, check out my video below!



If you would like to purchase this toy storage unit, you can get it from Amazon. com using the link below.

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