Rainy Day Chic!


When the weather is cold and wet it is very tempting to reach for that warm comfy parka and a pair of sneakers.  And while that’s cool, sometimes its nice to get your rainy day style on.  Here’s how!

I love a poncho in the autumn! There’s something very lovely about the casual drapey elegance of throwing a warm wrap round your shoulders. You can pick up  similar to the one I’m wearing here! Add a waterproof pair of Wellington or similar rain boots, and you have inclement weather awesomeness!

I added a plum hat for a bit more rainy weather protection.  A floppy hat is a style staple that offers premium practicality. I got mine here!



What are your go-to style items on a rainy day?  Leave me a comment below!

Until Next Time!

2 comments on “Rainy Day Chic!”

  1. Your rainy day style is cute but not functional. The only thing that can withstand the water is your boots. It would have been better to show us something cute (maybe stylish too) and waterproof. Then we can take a nice stroll on a rainy day.

    1. Thanks for your comment! This was an outfit I actually wore on a rainy day where the weather was cool with a light drizzle, not continual rain. The content is meant to inspire outfit ideas – not advise on appropriate dress for inclement weather.

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