June 2016 | Beauty Favorites

June went by far too fast! it does seem like we are saying that a little too often these days, as time seems to be going at a lightening quick pace!  I did find myself reaching for the same products daily this month, so I thought I would share them all with you in a blog post.

The first notable item is a Tom Ford’s Manadarino de Amalfi, its a crisp rich masculine scent that is refreshing for its beach sand like quality with a hint of citrus. Next I mentioned my love of Candy by Prada, a sweet concoction of grapefruit and honey.

Finally I am mesmerized  by the subtle simplicity of use in the Two Faced Sweet Peach Palette.  Each shade blends perfectly to the other shades to create an optimum array of looks for every occasion this summer.

Check out my thoughts in the video linked  below.  What are your must have beauty products for summer?

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