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Nothing gets me going like a little glamour to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I guess it’s a little beauty armor to keep me revved up for this busy season!

This holiday season I seem to be always reaching for this favorite combo, so much so I had to blog about it.

I absolutely adore My Burberry Blush by Burberry for the holidays. It’s warm and heavy, but fresh and light at the same time. It’s the perfect fragrance for giving and receiving hugs as it reminds me of sparkling crisp holiday nights in the city before warming up at home with a cup of cocoa by the fire. If you can imagine a scent being able to do all this haha!

I also love Tom Ford lipstick in Black Orchid. It’s a creamy luxe eggplant color that goes on with a bit of a deep pink but then warms up to a warm Aubergine. I am personally loving plum and grey with silver as a color palette this holiday season, so this is the perfect lip color to compliment most of my holiday outfits.

What are you little luxury loves this holiday? Leave me a comment below!

Until Next Time!

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