Newark  Museum’s Annual Benefit Gala Inspires!

Newark Museum is a living breathing gem. As the largest museum in the state of NJ and nestled in the vibrant historic city of Newark, this museum houses great works of art spanning centuries, civilizations, countries and cultures!

This monolithic museum is made up of seven separate buildings which join together to form an architectural masterpiece. I was delighted to attend the museum’s Annual Benefit luncheon earlier this month, where Barney’s fashion curator, Simon Doonan gave an inspiring presentation on WHAT IS CREATIVITY?
The museum itself is stunning , bustling with this creativity at every level.  I was honored to be part of a walking tour where a small group of luncheon attendees were given a private tour by Museum curator Katherine Paul. We saw the historic  Ballantine house, where intricate home furnishings have been carefully preserved to perfection dating back to the 18th century.  We were then led to the Tibetan artifacts where we had an opportunity to explore ancient jewelry collections from Asia. The museum is known to have the most renowned Tibetan artifact collection in the world!  Finally we were taken to the Makers Workshop space, where school children and families can explore and engage in STEM concepts through play.

At the end of tour we where taken to the Charles W. Engelhard Court where the luncheon was held.  I was so honored to dine with several directors of the NJ arts council and a wealth of inspiring individuals from fashion and education who are all working to serve the community through the arts.

Newark Museum is a truly spectacular place, and I only had a chance to scratch the surface.   Find out more about the museum here, or watch my video below!

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