Meal Planning Prep 101 – The Mommy Meal Plan

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My daughter has been back at school for a month now, and I feel like I have finally gotten our home routine back on track. So with a better home routine down, I am also beginning to incorporate healthy food choices for myself into the everyday task list.  With a healthy body I feel like I can accomplish any goal, without that nagging feeling of lethargy and tiredness that comes with eating a poor diet. That’s where my “Mommy Meal Plan” comes into place, and I will show you how to get a meal plan down for yourself too!

With the constant looking after our homes, family members, pets, work, ect. looking after our own health and fitness seems to always come last on the list  Here is an easy guide you can follow to prep your meals and make sure you get the nutrition your body deserves.

21 small tupperware containers ( 3 meals x 7 days

Breakfast – fruit salad sprinkled with nuts served with almond milk

Lunch –  Grilled tilapia or chicken with gluten-free quinoa  served with roasted vegetables sprinkled with feta  cheese, Craisins and low fat salsa (this combo tastes soo good!)

Dinner – Repeat Lunch


I have been following this meal plan for the past month and I feel great!  Check out my video below for more info on how to plan your meals the easy way!

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