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My summer was fantastic. It was hectic. It was flurry of activity and business. Sometimes I felt exhausted. Sometimes I felt elated. Most of the time I just felt full, mentally and physically. I want to recap my summer vacation, to have a look back at the places we traveled and how we felt whilst being there. Join me!

We began with our annual trip to the United Kingdom to visit my husband’s family in Kent. Our family there live in a lovely town filled with amenities for a young family and it always provides the perfect backdrop for the rest of our travels abroad. Our daughter loves spending time with her grandma and enjoying the simple pleasures like going to the nearby playground and the supermarket.

Sometimes it is really the little things that make a child smile.  She became an expert at the classic board games like Ludo and Snakes and Ladders. And she loved quiet walks on the green.

FullSizeRender.jpg  The beautiful Kent countryside
After a few days of chilling in Kent we packed up and took her off with us to Prague, Czezch republic. A relatively short flight from London, Prague is a beautiful Medieval City teaming with a rich history and stunning architecture. The key to enjoying Prague with a child of 5 or younger is to employ the use of a heavy duty stroller as tiny legs will quickly tire from the long walks. Our lovely hotel was able to loan us one for our stay and it was a lifesaver! We booked 24 hours in Prague, in that short time we visited the beautiful Aria Hotel gardens which was directly adjacent to our hotel, The Hotel Aria.

This stunning garden was like something off the set of Alice in Wonderland, complete with hedgerow mazes and delightful tiny dwarf frogs!
The next day we enjoyed a delicious gourmet breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Afterwards we headed over to the Charles Bridge to walk across the gothic beauty and see the city in its full glory.

We then took a few trams to a little gem in Prague called Plavecky stadion Podoli, an amazing pool complex complete with Olympic Sized swimming pool, 2 water slides, roof top bar with city views and casual dining. Needless to say in the 95 degree weather, we spent most of our day here.

Prague is a lovely city, however it is Eastern Europe, so expect a few quizzical looks from people as a foreigner. However most people are very friendly and will try to speak English to help you enjoy your time there.
If you are interested in seeing more about my trip to Prague check out my vlog HERE!

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