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We love the American pantry.  The pantry can become an unyielding mess of cans, pasta, cereal and snacks. The average pantry door opens about 10-20 times a day in America and our pantry was no different. With so much traffic, naturally it has become a bit of a mess and now it’s time to clean house, I mean pantry. Find out how I do it in a few easy steps!

I already have some storage systems in place thanks to the fabric bins from The Container store. These are perfect for separating your items in categories, for example: snacks, canned goods, pastas and rice and cereal. I will then label these compartments so that I know what items are inside without having to look inside.

Next is a bit of elbow grease to clean out the shelves with a bit of a spray with essential lemon and rosemary oil. Replace your organized bins onto the shelves and there you have it, pantry perfection!

If you would like a more in-depth look into how I clean out my pantry, check out my video below!

Until next time!

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