She’s Moving On UP!


I can’t believe it! My little baby is graduating from her pre-school today.  When did this happen? Just yesterday Ellie was this tiny baby in my arms and now she soon will be decked out in a cap and gown and marching down the isle of a large auditorium whilst singing a chorus from Disney’s “Let is Go” to an audience of overly-emotional moms and dads.  I wont cry.  At least I think I wont cry, you never know with me.  So here’s the question, what do you wear to your pre-schoolers graduation ceremony?  I want to strike the right balance between sensible and conservative yet fun, outgoing and carefree.  You know, embody most of our parental goals in a single outfit.

So here is what I’ve come up with!

June 2014 003

I purchased this jumpsuit at Burlington Coat Factory last week.  I love it because it is forgiving in the middle due to the drawstring waist and seems to be quite slimming to my figure.  I love the stripped chevron print, and black and white is a new favourite color combination of mine.

June 2014 022June 2014 021

This jumpsuit is really comfortable and strikes the right balance between trendy yet sensible.

As for accessories I opted for this fun statement necklace that I purchased from JCrew last month.  I love the multitude of colors which makes it a go- to piece for many outfits.

June 2014 019

For finishing touches I added this light fly-away cardigan that I picked up from  The sweater is light weight but provides just the right amount of coverage for an overly air-conditioned room.

June 2014 007

Now if only I can make sure my makeup stays mascara stain free!  No promises….

Until Next TIme!






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