Christina’s Top Coats Looks at Essie’s The Lace is On

Its officially summer.  And yet I am leaning toward jewel-toned shades on my nails and feet.  My top coat of the moment is a deep metallic magenta shimmer by Essie, called the Lace is On.

The Lace is On and Cleaning Routines 007The Lace is On and Cleaning Routines 002

Essie does it again by delivering a fantastic formula in an easy to apply shimmer.  The sparkle of this pink is very discreet, and can only be seen in very direct sunlight, and then it delivers a beautiful berry pink punch! Two coats gave me an even finish, and three days later, my manicure is relatively chip-free.

The Lace is On and Cleaning Routines 005

I will certainly reach for this color again later this season, but probably for a pedicure.  I think now that we are in summer, I will let the lighter shades shine on!

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