My Cleaning Routines – How to Keep a Fresh and Clean House and Still Have a Life!

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I  was depressed.  My husband would ask, how could you possibly be depressed when you live in such a beautiful house? He didn’t understand that for me, emotional balance comes from structure, and it doesn’t matter how perfect or beautiful something may appear on the outside, it is all about the structure from within that gives it strength.  And from strength I think beauty forms.

And so I began my need to, as I call it, automate my life.  You see, as a stay at home mom or housewife, your life and time is completely yours to manage.  This may sound ideal to many and it is quite nice, but it can also prove difficult in its own way.  You have to make sure that you are achieving the long-term goals you set yourself, otherwise your days just roll into one big blur, and before you know it, the slightest mishap can make you feel completely overwhelmed and forlorn.  The solution for me has been to implement a time-management schedule where I can consistently take care of my mind, body, family and home.

The Lace is On and Cleaning Routines 009

Now while I do try and keep to this schedule that I have created for myself, it is not set in stone.  This serves as a guide to how I want my week to look, but if something falls of course its not a big deal.  This has helped me immensely with all aspects of my life, but especially with keeping my home in order.

For the sake of this blog post, I am going to focus on my cleaning routines

As you can see, each day I have set chores that I need to accomplish, such as cleaning the kitchen, watering the plants and tidying our family room.  Then each day of the week I have a designated “chore of the day” where I look at one particular area of the house to ensure the housework doesn’t pile up.

My typical housecleaning schedule looks like this:

Monday- Fold and Put Away Laundry

Tuesday – Empty Rubbish Bins and Clean Bathrooms

Thursday- Dust surfaces and sweep floors

Friday-Mop Floors and Vacuum carpets

Sat- Put on Laundry

Sun – Fold Laundry

As you can see, the chores are all broken up, and I allow myself a break from housework 1 day a week, usually on a Wednesday.  I think its important to have a day that you designate for yourself to do something that makes you smile!

The cleaning products I use are relatively simple, as I don’t think you need a lot of fancy products to get the job done

The Lace is On and Cleaning Routines 010 The Lace is On and Cleaning Routines 011

I do love the Lysol brand of cleaners, I find they work well without loads of elbow grease and don’t seem to emit harmful fumes.  I use their Green Works line in my daughters bathroom, as the product seems to be a bit more gentle.  For wood, I like Pledge and Kleen Guard and for my floors, I use good old Mop & Glo (my mom used this too!)

If you would like to see more about my cleaning routines and time management tips, check out the video below!

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