Top Ten Daily Habits of a Feminine Woman

Top Ten Ideas on how to be more feminine in everyday life to raise your vibration and have a more energized life

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It’s a new year and that means it’s time to re-evaluate your lifestyle. The subtle art of femininity is experiencing a resurgence with thought leaders. The theory is that by embracing our natural feminine energy we can raise our vibrations and lead more thoughtful, conscious, and highly energized lives.

I have started my feminine journey a few years ago. As a stay at home mom, I’ve made a conscious effort to get dressed in something presentable every day. I threw away all of my old gnarly athleisure wear and banished the messy bun for a more elegant hairstyle.

It’s not been a perfect journey. Some days I find myself still not looking my best, especially after looking after little people. However I am still evolving and becoming ever more conscious of how I am presenting myself on a daily basis and the ways I can improve.

Here are my 10 steps in how we can all become more consciously feminine in 2020:

1) Wake up and hydrate- Keep a bottle of lemon water (preferably prepared the night before) by the bed. Have this as soon as you wake up to replenish your body and kick start your metabolism for the day.

2) Feed your spirit – Don’t reach for your phone first thing. I prefer to use an old fashioned clock radio alarm and have intentionally begun the practice of keeping my phone outside of my bedroom. I reach for my bible instead, and other inspirational material to get me into a positive mindset before I start my day.

3)Get moving – Try to exercise in some capacity in the morning. Personally, I am not able to get into the gym very early in the morning, so I’ve recently purchased a second hand spin bike and do a spin class using the Peleton – Live Workouts | Unlimited Workouts Everyday app. It’s amazing and it’s like going to a live spin class from the comfort of my home!

5) Wake up and makeup – Get a quick shower and make sure to take 5 minutes to apply a light sweep of makeup. It doesn’t have to be heavy or take a lot of time, but you will feel so much better for taking this extra time for yourself when you check out your reflection in the mirror.

6) Put on something that makes you feel feminine – No more yoga pants or boxy business suits. In 2020 feel free to express your femininity whether to be through a floral blouse, luxurious fabric or chic jewelry. Personally I have chosen to wear more dresses this year to embrace a truly feminine style.

7)Create something – Make sure you do something each day or each week that feeds your creativity. As women it is in our DNA to create, so respond to that biological need to create something that makes you feel good whether it’s art, food, music, writing or anything that didn’t exist before you made it.

8)Serve others – I know this one can be difficult, as we feel like we are constantly having to serve others on a daily basis and this can build up to frustration and resentment. It’s all about looking at it from a feminine and godly woman perspective- we are serving others as unto the lord and therefore seek to find joy in the tasks before us, no matter how taxing they might be.

9)Practice gratitude – End each evening with a phone / device free hour before bed. Take the time to journal and list the moments of gratitude you found during the day.

10) Set an intention for tomorrow – Set an intention for peace and joy in your heart and your home and anything else you might need.

Can you think of anymore ideas to improve our daily feminine habits? Leave me a comment below!

Until next time!