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So I posted about my patio makeover over on Instagram a few weeks ago, This patio makeover has been a long time coming. This space as we had it previously didn’t provide the lingering comfort and relaxation that the space has now. Who knew that adding a sectional sofa outdoors could make such a huge difference?

A few years ago this space was hardly ever used, as no one really wanted to sit around the table to relax. The family pretty much ate a meal, and then they were out! Last year the penny dropped to make this back patio a true hang out zone, and I upgraded the space with a new small wicker love seat and coffee table from The Home Depot and it made such a dfference! Instantly we had a new space in our home, and our back patio literally became our favorite room in the house. You can see last years patio incarnation here. This year I took the makeover one step further by adding a wicker sectional to really create a cozy space in the back patio that would draw in the whole family. I wanted to do all of this without spending a whole lot of money. Not too much to ask right? Well with a few small updates from Amazon that is exactly what we did to create this opulent and tranquil outdoor patio space!

I purchase this gorgeous herringbone outdoor patio rug to liven the space. It is durable and stain resistant, which is especially good for my messy family. We have already had quite a few spills on the rug and the stains come out pretty easily. The rug is also resistant to moisture so it is perfect to stay out in all weather.

The space needed a gorgeous and lush plant to complete the look. We chose this stunning Bird of Paradise Plant from our local nursery and we immediately feel transported to a tropical destination with this amazing addition! They’re also great houseplants that have enjoyed a recent surge in popularity. Indoor bird of paradise plants rarely flower (like, maybe never!). However, there are plenty of other reasons you need this handsome plant. “Native to Africa, this plant has huge leaves that make a big impact yet it’s low maintenance,” says Darryl Tackoor, co-founder of PlantVine. “If you want a dramatic and reliable plant, this is the one for you.”

The cushions covers below are absolutely gorgeous and complete the look. They are so well made and durable, I have been leaving them outside during all weather as well and they are staying in great shape. And finally we ADORE this new sectional sofa! Its small enough to fit in the alcove square of our back patio, but roomy enough for our family and friends.

You can shop all these items directly from Amazon using the links below. *FYI these are affiliate links so if you shop these items using the link I will earn a small commission from the sale which will greatly help me support my blog! Thank you!

2 Farmhouse Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Burlap Linen Trimmed

 -Decorative Tribal Boho Pillow Cover

Contemporary Herringbone Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, 5’2″x7’2″ Rectangle, Blue/Gray, 7 Feet

 -Throw Pillow Insert

-California Umbrella 9′ Round Aluminum Market Umbrella,

U-MAX 7 Pieces Wicker Rattan Patio Sectional Furniture Set

What do you think of the space? Does your back patio need a little love? I hope you see  by this post that you do not need a huge budget to make your space look great. Leave your questions, comments, and thoughts below or find me on Facebook or Instagram!

Until Next Time!

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