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Hello Friends, how are we all doing? It has been a pretty rough year to say the least. Now that more and more people are getting vaccinated, it looks like travel will finally start to pick up again. And like many of us, I have been itching to go on a vacation just to see some sun and sand for a few days. I am not able to travel for an extensive period of time due to all of my home responsibilities, and plan to go away for only a few days this year for a little mommy vacation. My Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 45 has got me traveling in style!

I originally purchased this bag for a trip I was scheduled to take last year, and due to travel restrictions it never saw the light of day. This year, I am finally getting a chance to use it! This bag is compact and light. It is stunning in the classic monogram LV pattern and made even more special through the mon-monogram design service with my initials colored in shocking pink with white exterior.

The Keepall Bandouliere 45 measures seven inches in width and 17 inches roughly in length and about seven inches in width. It fits in the cabin and yet is small enough to even be tucked under your seat.

This items is made from vachetta leather, so it’s naturally quite delicate and needs to be treated if you’re going to use this bag in inclement weather. Hot stamping services are also offered for the luggage tag. This Keepall also comes with 2 sets of straps, 2 luggage tags and padlock.

I absolutely love this item i feel like it’s just so elegant, fun and it’s carefree! It is compact and is a great piece to add to your luggage collection. Please find my in-depth review of this item in the video below.

Until Next Time!

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