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if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you will know that I am a bit obsessed with pretty eyeshadow palettes, which is a little odd since I only ever wear a neutral eye in real life. Even so, I am always drawn to a gorgeous palette of shimmery shades to make the perfect party of particles on my eyelids.

Now I don’t want to ever look like I’m wearing a glitter eyeshadow as that’s just not my personal preference but sometimes one does want more than a standard taupe and beige combo.

This new palette from Too Faced cosmetics doesn’t disappoint. Besides the ‘ Pretty Rich’ slightly obnoxious monicker the palette is pretty subtle yet very pigmented. All the colors are so gorgeous and blend in together so beautifully that you will not be mistaken for a women stuck in the late 90’s from loads of glittery makeup fallout.

The palette is luxurious and quite sophisticated- a great buy for Spring!

Here are the fun colors:


1. Diamonds for Breakfast

2. It’s Designer

3. Fancy That

4. Filthy Rich

5. Clutch your pearls

6. Princess Cut

7. Diamond Glitterati

8. Highly Selective

9. Fluent in Diamond

10. It’s Cashmere

11. Don’t Carat All

12. Oh, That’s Rich

11. Coal Under Pressure

12. Silver Spoon

13. Set the Jewel Tone

14. Diamond Life

Hope these names inspire you! You can purchase the palette from HERE

Until Next Time!

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