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I was out and about one day in Bloomingdale’s and came across the most gorgeous Gucci Sandals in the ladies’ shoe department. I took a cheeky candid photo of them and kept walking on my way to buy a sensible spring jacket but they wouldn’t leave my mind. I kept imaging all the cute summer outfits that NEEDED these stylish yet practical slides. After I purchased my sensible winter jacket, a Barbour which was on sale for 1/2 off, I immediately sauntered back to the shoe department and tried these bad boys on , and from there on I was in love!

These gorgeous mules come in navy and black. I purchased the navy ones because I wear lots of bright colors in the spring and summer so I thought the blue would be more complimentary. They are beyond comfortable to walk in and look so elegant on my feet. I will be living in these sandals this summer. Stay posted for some OOTD’s!

Until Next Time!

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