Today is a rainy Monday. Although the weather may be grim outside, it is the perfect day to make a sunny home. Today I’m getting on to  those long overdue chores, like cleaning out the refrigerator.  Here’s a bit of inspiration to tackle the task if you may need to get your fridge in check too!

Best to start this job with a large garbage bag. Get your latex gloves on and start getting rid of last week’s dinner detritus. Once the fridge is completely decluttered and left-overs discarded, I prepare a simple cleaning solution consisting of a capful of lavender scented “Fabulouso” (I love the scent of the stuff and its tough on grime) and warm water and then set about scrubbing all of the shelves.

Once my shelves are all clean, I go back in with plain warm water to remove any product residue. Then I begin to put the fresh groceries in the fridge.IMG_3036

I usually do food shopping every 7-10 days through online delivery with This makes grocery shopping easy and convenient, plus my groceries are delivered straight to my door according to my schedule. How easy is that!



If you would like to see how I declutter and organize my fridge in further detail,  and what I got in this week’s grocery shop, check out my video below.

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