End of Summer Holiday Style

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I can’t believe we are almost at the end of summer! The time has really flown by. It’s been pretty up and down weather wise in the north-east with sunny days sprinkled with passing showers. But it has been altogether a really nice summer, relaxing and slow-paced with plenty of quality time with my little bear.

My family and I have decided to take a much needed end of summer vacation to celebrate the end of the season, and that means shopping for a few items for a holiday wardrobe refresh!

I have recently discovered Rainbow.com, a favorite clothing retailer from my teen days that has been totally revamped for the modern era. This extremely affordable fashion site offers look-of-the-moment items in a range of sizes and shipping from is super fast as well.

I was able to procure some really cute items to mix into my wardrobe of well made basics to add a bit of flair to my vacation wardrobe. Plus I even got a few items for little bear in their girls section!

If you are interested in seeing the items I purchased in further detail, check out my video below!


Until Next Time!

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