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It’s finally summer! And that means it is warm enough to actually want to prepare a meal outside. But when your grill reeks of last year’s chicken kebabs, that could put a real dampener on your al fresco plans. I have some quick and easy tips to help make your BBQ grill a happy place once again.

First I head to my favorite place for household cleaning supplies, Dollar Tree. There I stock up on Awesome’s BBQ Grill Degreaser,  heavy duty latex gloves, trash bags, and a grill brush to get all the soot off.

Once you have all your supplies, you’ll want to tackle your grill armed and dangerous.  Wearing an apron is good idea as this will be a messy job.  I begin by disassembling all of the grill parts and washing the rack and burners with the degreaser spray and warm water.

I then spray everything with BBQ Grill Cleaner from HomeWorks and leave it to sit overnight. I place the racks and burners in a garbage bag once they have been sprayed and leave them overnight as well.


Once 24 hours have passed I go back in to wipe away the grime.  Here is what it looks like half way through.


If you would like to see how I tackle a gruesome grill in further detail, check out my video below! Happy BBQ’s!

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