Fall Fragrance Alert! Tory Burch BY Tory Burch – Fragrance Review!

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Tori Burch released her debut fragrance last September to rave reviews in all the major department stores. And it is no surprise as the fragrance represents exactly what her target demographic of preppy-chic women are after: a very wearable scent with a hint of the unexpected, which is pretty much what I enjoy in my choice of perfume.

The first thing you notice about the perfume is the striking packaging.  The embossed orange box looks luxurious, like Hermes only more modern.  Once the package is opened, the bottle is even more opulent, but still quite understated.  The simplicity of the rectangular glass bottle met with the dramatic orange and gold inlay cap create the perfect juxtaposition to contain this complex yet very subtle scent.

The first note I smell is fresh, and that is what makes the fragrance so wearable.  It is a sharp grapefruit, then evens out to a floral mixed with tuberose and jasmine. It finishes up to the dramatic vetiver which gives the fragrance it’s more musky edge.

Tori Burch Perfume Review 003

It is a perfect scent for fall as it is light and crisp but the vetiver base provides a spicy edge for appropriate for autumn.

Check out my first impressions on this fragrance in my video below!  What are your favourite fragrances for Fall?

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