Fall Decorating 2014! How I Decorate My Home Using Seasonal Transitions

I love the fall! I am so excited that the weather is getting a little bit chilly and the leaves have all begun to turn into glorious shades of crimson, auburn and honey.  I love to decorate my home to reflect the change in season, as not only does the warmer colors bring a new energy into the home, but I find that seasonal decorating helps to serve as a constant reminder of the time of year as it stands in relation to the goals I set myself.  For example, I’ll see my orange pillows on the couch, and I’ll think to myself, “Only 3 more months until the end of the year.  Make those 2014 Resolutions count!!”

Also my family love it when the décor of our home changes. It feels like Christmas-time with every  change of season, with new things out to admire,  I purchased all of my fall décor items last year, and had them stored away in the basement.  It is a truly nice feeling to involve the whole family in sprucing the place up for autumn!

Here is where I do my main area of decorating in the living room.  The pillows were purchased from Marshall’s and the display coffee table holds artificial leaves purchased from Amazon.com

Jewlery Org and Closet part 2 plus fall decor 004

I am so ready for the festivities of Fall. What are your favourite ways to decorate?

For more details on how I decorate and where I purchased the items shown, check out my video on Youtube!

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