What’s inside Elizabeth’s Easter Basket?

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Easter is a time of hope for me – a time where I reflect on the year that’s gone by and look ahead at the spring and summer season to come.  It’s a time of rebirth, reflection, and optimism.  This Easter is especially poignant for us because it will be our last one spent in the United Kingdom, so I wanted to make sure to create some memories for myself and hubby and fun times for our little Ellie. We plan to have an Easter egg hunt in the garden tomorrow morning (weather permitting!) and then head over to her grandma’s house for a wonderful lunch.

Here is her Easter basket and whats inside:

  • Bunny ears (she loves these – she’ll wear them long after Easter is over!)
  • Peppa Pig giant chocolate Easter Egg
  • Mr Bunny craft and marker set (for a bit of creative expression after the chocolate induced coma!)

catchingupwithchristina 062

catchingupwithchristina 061

catchingupwithchristina 063

What do you do for Easter and what will you put in your little one’s Easter basket this year?

Christina xx

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