Meet Baby Audrey!👶🏻💕

She’s here! She’s been here for exactly theee months now. Although I wish I was able to share my joy about her arrival sooner it’s better late than never.

She was born at two o’clock in the afternoon on March 29th. She was an elective csection and I’m happy we went that route as she was a buoyant and healthy 9lbs 1oz! We were so ecstatic when she came into the world!

She is so precious!! Our first night together was a dream, she slept very well and nursed and we were overjoyed to have brought our sweet baby into the world.

Sweet Ellie was a little shell shocked. Grandma was so excited to be grandmother to another child.

Coming home has been an adjustment too, with all the 2-3 hour nightly feedings and constant care of a newborn, time to do anything else is at a premium. I am trying to make every effort to spend quality time with Ellie as well.

Here are some photos from Audrey’s first photo shoot at 1 month.

Audrey is an amazing baby and our family is blessed to have her. Stay tuned for more Audrey updates.

Until Next Time!


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