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When visiting London its always fun to stop by the quintessentially posh department store Harrods. From the luxurious decor to the irresistible food selection there is something for everyone.

I especially love having a look through the gift shop located on the 2nd floor through the home furnishings section. I managed to pick up quite a few goodies for my family as well as a few memorabilia to remind me of my trip.

Now you can also shop directly on for these luxe British items as well. Almost everything from the store is now available online. It was so amazing to discover our favorite Harrod’s celebration tea is on the website as well as our favorite fruit preserves, it can all be delivered directly to your door. No need to cross an ocean for a little luxury.

Here are my favorite Harrod’s Gift Picks:

London Map Apron/ HERE

Pretty City Apron / HERE

Harrods Celebration Tea/ HERE

Harrods Preserves/ HERE

You can check out my video for a more in-depth review!


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