What I Should Have Worn for Valentine’s Day

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We women can be so hard on ourselves. We think we would look great if we could only lose that last 5 (or 50) pounds. Yep this dress would look great then. Maybe our butt is too big or maybe our thighs are too thick, whatever it is we are always judging ourselves. I judged myself out of a great outfit yesterday.
I thought it was nice enough to post on the blog a few weeks back in a post I was planning to share on Valentine’s Day outfit ideas. However once wearing the outfit in person, I felt like it was all just a bit too much. Now that Valentine’s has come and gone I look back at these pictures and think wow it was actually a pretty cute outfit and I should have worn it out in NYC with my husband.
What I wore instead was a conservative and sensible pair of dress trousers with a long flowing top and blazer. Although there’s nothing wrong with this outfit, I was not being true to my authentic ‘Christina’ fashion sense. I know now that I would feel a lot more joy in wearing what I originally planned, as it would’ve been a true expression of my feelings on this day.
The moral of this tale of outfit dilemma is we must stop judging ourselves by these arbitrary standards and be true to who we really are. Enjoy all of the blessings that we have in our lives and really turn up, not just blend in the crowd, if that’s not you.
Enjoy what you look like no matter your shape or size and be true to who you really are. You are the only measure of your own personal happiness!
If you like the outfit, click here for details -bit.ly/2l9KYbg


img_1754-2img_1751-2img_1757-2img_1740-2Until Next Time!


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