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With the first half of the year officially over, it is time to take a look at the goals we have set for ourselves in the beginning of the year.  For me, it has been to become a lot more mindful of my personal spending and to live an all together more disciplined life in every area, including my general consumption of items.

The wallet is the gate keeper of  personal consumption.  It holds access to cash and credit cards. Therefore, according to Feng Shui, if your wallet is tidy your finances will follow.  Read on to find out how!

Feng Shui is a Chinese thought system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement in regard to the flow of energy. Therefore if your wallet is in a positive state of arrangement, money or energy will flow easily for you.  If it’s all tattered and disorganized, you can expect quite the opposite.

It is so important to maintain an organized and tidy wallet. Get rid of old receipts which symbolize money that has already been spent.  Don’t carry around an excessive amount of credit cards as they also symbolize debt and can attract more of the same.  Finally don’t carry any thing in your wallet that doesn’t speak positively about the accumulation of money, that includes photos,  train tickets and movie stubs.

So what can you carry in your wallet instead? MONEY! You guessed it.  Plenty of the green stuff, as it will attract more of the same.  Try to carry a $100 note with you at all times that you never intend to spend, or you can start with only $20.  Whatever the amount, just make sure there is always cash in your wallet.

Finally, let’s talk about the type of wallet you should carry.  Red is a great Feng shui color to attract money to you, the problem is with such a strong energy associated to red, money may leave as soon as you receive it.  Blue is not a great wallet color as the cold water energy of the blue is not an attractive color for wealth accumulation.  Choose a wallet in brown, dark green, gold and the of course the best shade of all, black.  Also make sure to take care of your wallet weekly. Clean it out, arrange your bills neatly, and give it a good wipe down.  Some might even spray it with perfume or essential oil to raise the vibration even higher!

Here are a few if my favorite wallets here.


Hope this has given you some ideas to how to bring some wow back to your wallet. Do you have any other tips? Share some in the comments below.

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