How to Pack Light | Summer Vacations 2016

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Happy Summer! I can not believe we are already in the middle of July.  It feels like summer is almost over. I know we still have a few more warm months ahead with a lot of folks  planning to take an upcoming vacation. If you are anything like me, you frequently over pack for even the shortest holiday!  My family and I are heading to Europe this summer and I really want to make an effort this time to carry far less.

It all starts with the suitcase.  I have selected this compact and super stylish suitcase from Rockland.  It is 20 Inches tall and expandable.  You are also able to carry it on board the plane to avoid the excessive wait at baggage claim.  What a bonus!

Here is the link below:


For a more in-depth review of the luggage and for more packing tips, check out my video below!

Until Next Time!


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