When Is the Cut-off for Cut-Offs?


It’s officially summer! When the temperature gets hot, I want to stay cool and love nothing more than throwing on some super-comfy denimn cut-off jeans. But now that I am well into my thirties, I wonder is there ever a cut-off point when cut-off short-shorts are no longer acceptable?

I know in this day and age a women is free to wear whatever she pleases.  However I am an old-fashioned kind of woman and prefer to maintain a certain degree of modesty, especially as I get older.  So there, I answered my own question – to wear short-shorts is a matter of personal style, and not age.

I opted to pair my shorts with a long kimono vest from Forever 21. The fun multi-color tribal print paired with a sophisticated blue nautical top from Zara blended together in whimsical harmony.  Pops of yellow completed the playful mood with my handbag, shoes and necklace from Anthropologie.


When do you think the cut-off for shorts is? Or do you think there is one?
Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time! x

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