DIY Easter Basket – Quick and Easy!


I cant believe its already Easter! It feels like it was January and freezing cold only yesterday.  We are now suddenly in the lamb-like midst of balmy days and sunny skies, welcomed by the onset of one of the most joyful holidays of the year, Easter.

I usually celebrate Easter with my family by going to church.  To make it a little more fun for my little girl I always endeavor to create an Easter basket for her which reflects her latest tastes, interests and fancies.

This year her basket is a perfect marriage of Princesses and Dinosaurs, Hello Kitty and Bunny rabbits. All items can be found in your local Target or Kmart and the pink taffeta ribbon is easily found in most party supply stores.


Best thing of all, I doesn’t take much time to assemble a basket such as this and I know these items will make her smile!

For more info on how I arranged my little one’s Easter Basket, check out my video below!

Until Next Time!


2 comments on “DIY Easter Basket – Quick and Easy!”

  1. Happy (belated) Easter. What a great mixture of princesses, dinosaurs Hello Kitty and bunny rabbits. I’ve often heard don’t put all your eggs in one basket but this is the perfect time to make an exception.

    Hope you are doing well. 😊

    1. Hi there Bri! Apologies for the late reply. Spring has Sprung and this mommy has been crazy busy! Haha yes this is the one time when all your eggs do go in one basket and it was a hit! Hope all is well with you too. Btw, I have my eye on some gold TB Riva’s waiting for them to go on sale! 😉

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