My WifeStyle Vacation LookBook – Outfit Ideas for Looking Stylish in the Sun!

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I am so excited to be going on a long over-due holiday to the Caribbean this month!

Aside from preparing and arranging to have  important things on hand like travel insurance and malaria pills, I instantly think of what I am going to wear and what outfits I would like to pull together.

So this had me thinking that it would be helpful to pull together a look-book of some key pieces that work well for most beach vacations, broken down into category.  I also thought of the key accent colors I’d like to wear and of course considered the neutral basic pieces from which the outfits are built.

The first category I have is the Island Excursion. This is a relaxed yet pulled-together look. Light colors and fabrics are key, so I opted for a  sleeveless top paired with white jeans. Another option is a light-weight button down paisley print style shirt from Ralph Lauren paired with the same skinny jeans.  The final option consists of an olive green military inspired shift dress from Calvin Klein, cinched in at the waist with a brown leather belt from H&M.  I added these fun bubble necklaces for splash of color, both from Ebay.

Island Excursion

Island Excursion

The second category is casual shorts and shirts.  This is the look for hanging around the resort when you are not at the pool, (i.e. at breakfast, activities, lounging) I will be adding more t-shirts, but you can’t go wrong with white shorts and a statement necklace for effortless elegance. Light weight scarves are another fun way to spruce up a short and shirt combo.

Casual Shorts and Shirts

Casual Shorts and Shirts

My third category is pool-side chic.  As a mother to a young child I am always striving to find the balance between stylish and tasteful and these looks seem to fit the bill for me.  I’ve had this sun hat for a number of years, purchased from Marks and Spencer’s in the UK, The sundresses are also a collection from summer’s gone, with my favorite one being the crochet number from Zara.

Poolside Chic!

Chic Coverups

Lastly, my final category is Evening Elegance.  It’s that pulled together look captured  after a day of sun, swim, and fun. It’s the look of a relaxing siesta, an evening bath, enough time to apply your makeup perfectly and then slipping into something long and flowy  to complete your feeling of peaceful elegance. Even if all that might not be possible when you are a mom, you can still look the part.  For me it all starts with something floor-length, like a maxi -dress. My favorite one is this green and blue number purchased recently from H&M.  It reminds me of something Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys back in the day.  Either way, looks like these make me feel elegant, stylish and very va-va voom!

Evening Elegance

Evening Elegance

I will be sure to vlog moments of our vacation and let you know how these looks held up!

Until Next Time!


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