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When the sky is bleak – get bright with blue nails! Brucci Nailpolish Review – Luscious Lori

I am in love with bright cobalt blue, or electric blue or neon blue whatever you might call it you get the drift. It’s a blue that is on fire, not cold and icy but warm enough to brighten the skies on the gloomiest of Winter Days. The blue that has pushed my buttons is from Brucci,

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Easter 2013 Polish Picks

Here are my favorite nail polish picks for Easter.  The contenders are all from OPI, as I am a bit of an OPI-holic and I buy almost all of my nail polish from this company.  Anyhoo, I digress.  Spring is a time to let the old dark vampy nail polish of winters-gone go  bye-bye and let loose with some

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