Spring Decor Haul from Marshall’s

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Hi friends! Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to share some really exciting purchases that I’ve just made from Marshall’s. I haven’t been to Marshall’s in such a long time and I was so excited to get back into the store especially after all the lockdowns that we’ve had, so it was my first time there in maybe a year so. It was actually kind of exciting to see all of the new items out especially the Easter decor! So without much further ado, let me share a few of the items I picked up from my recent trip to Marshall’s.

The first thing i picked up is this beautiful rattan plate this is so gorgeous! It reminds me of something you would see in a Pottery Barn catalog. I love this rattan material and this gorgeous pattern – I think it’s handmade in Vietnam so it’s got pure artisanal quality to it! This is going to go on display in my living room. I’m really excited to have this piece and I think it was a pretty good find as well! It was only $12.99 and it’s just gorgeous! You could put those little straw balls that are quite trending right now ~ there are so many possibilities! I am personally going to keep it standing up so you can see this gorgeous floral pattern inside.

Now anyone who knows me knows that i am obsessed with throw pillows! I love a good throw pillow and i saw this one in one of my favorite colors which is this gorgeous teal -turquoise color. I thought the saying is so nice “always in love” so sweet!  This is going to again go in the living room  as our couches are turquoise. Im going to switch out our pillows and add some new spring decor items and I just thought this was such a perfect fit! It was also very reasonably priced at 14.99 so such a steal!

The next item i picked up are these really cute and on-trend tassel textured curtains these are going to be going into my home office. I’m going to do sort of an office makeover and turn my office into more of feminine space. Right now it’s painted in a lovely off-white color  by Benjamin Moore called Cloud Cover which is a gorgeous warm white color but I’m thinking about doing an accent wall in a sort of salmon pink. So I’m adding these curtains and some other textured bits to it to make it a little bit more feminine! That blog post will be coming very soon! These exact same curtains were on Wayfair.com for about $49.99 so when i saw these i had to bring them home.  They are exactly what I’m looking for – it’s got the textured pom-pom detail,  its really good quality plus it’s got a nice heaviness to it.  Of course they’re still sheer so let enough in plenty of light.

With spring on its way and Easter fast approaching, I couldn’t help but pick up this gorgeous and super cute Ray Dunne “Honey Bunny” canister.  I don’t know about you but I still love Rae Dunne merchandise.

You can put jelly beans in this which my girls would love or any spring treats! Its the perfect little addition to our home for spring and this was only $16.99 which is great!  If you look for any of this stuff on Ebay it’s going to be twice as much or three times as much so i think Rae Dunne is still a great um investment piece into your annual decor because it’s a now become a staple in most American homes at this point!

Keeping with the Rae Dunne trend I saw this door mat – how cute is this?  Adorable!! It’s perfect for the entryway for spring and I’m really excited to put this out on the front porch. Its so welcoming to the springtime with a happy pink bunny! I can’t think of anything better for the porch  and this was only $12.99 which is brilliant.

For the kitchen i saw these kitchen towels which were super cute with this bunny motif and it matches my kitchen perfectly.  I  should do an updated kitchen tour we’ve changed the kitchen out again – it was a light blue and now it’s sort of like a really trendy moody dark teal which i adore and we have a bright pink island which I super adore and these tea towels goes perfectly with it. These are two tea towels with this adorable easter bunny motif on them and this was only $6.99!

The final thing i purchased was this adorable onion plant! Can you think of anything more ubiquitous for 2021 than the onion plant? Well maybe tie-dye lol!  This one is really tall as well this is about 36 inches so i thought it was a great purchase for $19.99 and it comes in this gorgeous planter which feels like ceramic. I was so excited by this, as I was contemplating buying  a much more expensive from another website so when i saw this for 19.99 i had to have it!

So there you have it guys that is my Marshall’s haul for Spring 2021.  I hope you’ve been inspired to go have a look and check out some of their new items if you haven’t been there in a while.  You never know when you’re going to stumble upon something you absolutely adore!

Until Next Time!

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