Summer Garden Decor & Tour

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Sometimes in life it is difficult to determine the flowers from the weeds.  This sentiment can be used to apply to flowers and friends, but in this instance,  I am purely referring to my garden.  I love the “shade” of it all!

I have given my garden a long time to show me what it was working with, and my landscaper had even longer.  After 5 years I have now finally gotten an understanding of what is working and what isn’t. What blooms and what is just taking up space and nutrients from the soil. Least to say, the garden was a complete mess at this point.  it was over grown and filled with weeds.  Even the grass had weeds. So I fired my old landscaper, that was step one.  Found a new company, and I instructed them to get rid of all the weeds and replant the random plants into new places to make everything more symmetrical and tidy.

Here is what it all looked like before:

Now that the hard work was done,  I set about finding some new things to plant in all the freshly cleared ground.  I love bright, full and colorful plants, with fragrant blooms. So I purchased a few plants from Shipping was fast and the plants arrived healthy and strong.

They have been planted for a little over 2 weeks now and the chrysanthemums are already starting to bloom!

Here is what it looks like now:

When it comes to getting stuck into the dirty work of gardening,  these garden gloves are my absolute favorite to use for pulling up weeds and digging as they are long, quite comfortable and femininely floral.

gardening gloves

They are super affordable too, you can pick them up from Amazon using the link here

If you would like to see my garden tour in further detail, click on the video below!

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