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Everyone says that a mommy should have a uniform.  You know, a go-to ensemble that you can throw on in no time flat and can look instantly pulled together.  For me, my uniform is usually always the multi-functional tunic blouse.

A tunic can be a number of things: from a mini dress to a longer blouse that stops mid-thigh, it is a figure flattering silhouette for a short- waisted hourglass woman like me.  A tunic offers maximum versatility and comfort, especially when paired with a pair of leggings.

img_1995img_1990  You can instantly dress up or dress down the look with your choice of footwear.  Today I am rocking a sassy pair of over the knee boots from Carlos Santana which are very stylish yet comfortable. A lovely black fringe vest and my Chanel le boy completes the look. img_1979img_1978

S H O P  T H E  L O O K



Do you have a wardrobe uniform?  Leave me a comment below!

Until Next Time!


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