Now that we are well into a bright new year,  it’s time to make sure the goals we set for ourselves are getting accomplished!  

Check out the Dr. Oz show on Monday, January 9th where I participate in the 7 Minute Workout Challenge segment with celebrity trainer Donovan Green!

One of the goals that I have set for myself is to continually improve my physical health. Studies show that by increasing one’s physical activity we are less prone to be impacted by mental disorders like anxiety,  stress and depression. It’s only natural that increasing physical activity will have a positive impact on all of our other expressions of health.
This year I’m resolving to improve my health and fitness.   I was very honored to be asked to participate in the Dr. Oz Show’s “7 Minute Workout Challenge” featuring celebrity trainer, Donovan Green at ABC Studios in New York City.


The workout segment will air tomorrow January 10th, check you local listings. I  hope you can tune in to see me participate with two other lovely ladies to show how we all can achieve our health and fitness goals in as little time as 7 minutes a day!


Wishing you all a Healthy and Prosperous  2017!


Until next time!

2 comments on “#FITMOM – AS SEEN ON THE DR.OZ SHOW”

    1. Hi Henri, thanks for your comment. It looks like Dr. Oz has done quite a few variations of the 7 minute workout, but you can check out the most recent one by clicking on the following link:

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