Ellie’s Pre-K Graduation | June 2016

I have been MIA from my blog for so long, I sincerely apologize! My little bear Ellie graduated from her pre-school last week and it was such a heart-warming occasion for me, from seeing this small human being grow before my very eyes into a sharp, funny, witty and beautiful little girl, it brings me to tears sometimes. I guess this was the emotional jolt I needed to get me back into the blogosphere to share this special moment with you.

Its not everyday I feel like this you know. I am not one of those mothers that will wax lyrical about how you need to enjoy all those precious moments of motherhood because they will go by so quickly. Well sometimes when dealing with tantrums and mood swings, you want those moments to evaporate because motherhood isn’t always a bed of roses. However, it is moments like these, when you see your little one’s face all lit up, looking so scholarly in her cap and gown, and singing her sweet little heart out to those special faces in the audience, you know that without a doubt she is your heart and soul and you would do anything for her now and forever. Congratulations my darling!

See clips from her ceremony below!

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