Simple Steps to a Powder Room Update

Do you have a powder room or half-bath that is in dire need of a makeover? With a few simple changes, I’m sharing how to take a half bath from dreary to cheery with sleek options that won’t break the bank!

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Do you have a powder room or half-bath that is in dire need of a makeover? With a few simple changes, I’m sharing how to take a half bath from dreary to cheery with sleek options that won’t break the bank!

Most guests that drop by end up seeing this powder room. Our power room was an old fashioned, wannabe victorian gothic hodgepodge that was just not my style. I was tired of the muted and dated 90s look and wanted it to feel personalized without spending a fortune.

I made a few inexpensive changes to the powder room in our update because we did not want to put a lot of time and money into it the project. The plan was to replace the old wallpaper, add a new mirror and bold chandelier, install new wall sconces, painting (not replacing) the sink, and lastly installing the new toilet.  I have laid out 6 simple steps to upgrading your powder room that you can easily complete in a weekend.


  1. Change the Walls

Walls are the windows to the soul of a powder room and the powder room is a little jewel box that you get to decorate! As you, your family or guests open the door, transport them into another world through the sensation of color and/or texture. I love bright bold patterns on the walls of powder rooms, as dramatic wallpaper is reminiscent of a fancy boutique hotel somewhere exotic and I definitely want to bring that elegance into my home! Change the walls and change the life of a powder room! The wallpaper we chose is this gorgeous lotus pink peel and stick vinyl and we couldn’t be happier. Vinyl is a great choice for bathroom walls as it can absorb splashes and is generally quite hard-wearing.

2. Swap out the mirror

Take out the dated mirror and bring in something that reflects your style. I love art-deco glam so I opted for this gorgeous mirror and wall sconce combo from The look produces a vibrant happy and interesting space!

3. Change the Ceiling lighting

Swap out your dated ceiling lighting for a gorgeous chandelier or pendant. Take it one step further by installing wall sconces of opposite ends of your wall mirror, giving a space of approximately 3 inches of gap between the sconce and the outlet. Wall lighting provides the perfect ambient glow for your powder room glow up. A dramatic chandelier completes the look, we adore this gold Art Deco chandelier, its just the perfect size for our small powder room, but it packs plenty of impact!

4.Paint the Bathroom SInk

We did not want to buy a whole new bathroom sink, as they one that is already there is a very high quality and fully functional sink, it was just not to our taste decor-wise. After a bit of research, I was so pleased to discover that you can actually paint over the tile of countertops and sinks with special countertop epoxy paint like the one I used here. The sink marble that was previously a dated dusty green is now a stunning bright while. We used a gorgeous Benjamin Moore Shade for the sink in Smokestack Grey to paint over the dark walnut base of the sink unit plus one coat of polyurethane to seal the paint job. We swapped out the old ancient faucets and added these sleek gold ones here for this updated uber sexy sink!

5. Add Lovely Handsoap & Flowers

Stock up on soap and plugin essentials from and get your powder room smelling scent-sational too!!

6. Hang the Perfect Towel

Now here is the fun part! Pick out that perfect hand towel from your favorite Etsy shop, Anthropologie or Marshalls and complete the luxurious powder room vibe with the perfect set of fluffy guest towels


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Until Next Time!

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