How to Make the Most From Being At Home

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When the world reaches a global pandemic, you can do one of two things.  You can fret and worry about everything that is spinning out of control or you can choose instead to not give into fear but lead by faith.  I am choosing to do the latter, even though it is not always easy especially with the constant state of worry that is being projected on us by the news media.

I am instead turning to my devotion to my faith to guide me through this turbulent time.  I am also working really hard to establish a schedule that I can stick to, now that I along with many others are suddenly homeschooling our children. By waking up at the same time each morning, sticking to a routine of getting dressed physically and spiritually, (by putting on the whole armor of the Lord) I am better equipped to be stronger for my family each day.

No I am not going to learn another language, nor am I going to write a novel with this time at home.  I might still not get a chance to binge watch an entire series of The Crown. But I can promise, I will become an even more present wife and mother. and even more present for myself.  I am going to commit to self care through exercise and proper nutrition, working hard with my daughters to make learning fun, and coming up with creative ways we can enjoy this unique period of intensive family time.

I hope to capture these moment in vlogs and insta stories, so follow me at @mrsofthehome if you want to see how we are learning to conquer fear by faith.  Take care of yourself and each other by #stayinghome.

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