How To Run Your Home Like A BOUTIQUE HOTEL

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We all love going to fancy hotels in far-off places. There is something mesmerizing about the shiny fragrant lobby that sweeps you into a different world as soon as you enter the foyer. We recently went to an amazing small boutique hotel in the South of France. The energy of chic greeted me as soon as I entered the door. What is the je ne sais quoi behind boutique hotel bougieness? Read on to find out!

The Aroma

All boutique hotels smell amazing. They smell beyond amazing. So be sure to have your home smell as good as possible at all times. Develop a cleaning schedule that allows for you to dispose of rubbish nightly so your home smells fresh and free of last night’s dinner in the morning. Secondly invest in luxury plug in air diffusers. I personally love this one from Diptyque. Also consider an essential oil diffuser. I just purchased this one here from Amazon and it is amazing. My home smells so good now, similar to my favorite hotel.


Shiny Surfaces and Fixtures

Ever notice how all the surfaces in a boutique hotel gleam and sparkle? Yes they do hire people to maintain this several times a day but you can achieve the same look at home.  Make your own DIY glass cleaner with lemon essential oil and white vinegar for glass surfaces that will sparkle! Make sure all your light fixtures are in working order too and see to it that they are polished every so often and are looking their best!


Invest in the Finer Details

All boutique hotels take the small details very seriously.  Invest in a weekly bouquet of high quality floral arrangements and place them in a high traffic area like your foyer or kitchen.  I personally love a subscription service of blooms that deliver a beautifully arranged bouquet straight to your door, so no need to worry about arranging them yourself and having to tackle all the flower cleanup afterward.


Pamper your powder room with plush hand towels – monogram towels in your initials are an added bonus.  Don’t forget to stock the lavatory with plenty of loo roll and a coordinating hand soap and lotion.  I personally love this one here.

Set the Scene with Ambient Music

We all know how good music is for the soul.  All boutique hotels have chilled out mellow tracks gracefully emanating from the walls.  You need this in your home too.  Amazon Music offers unlimited music for free for Prime Members.  Connect to Alexa or any other blue tooth device for soothing sounds in every room.  You can even create various playlists for your mood or activity.  In my home we have dinner music, breakfast music and clean up music.  The choices are endless.

Hope this has inspired you to live a boutique hotel life at home! What are some other ways to incorporate this idea into daily life? Leave me a comment below.

Until Next Time

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