Our Maternity Photos!

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I never had a chance to do a maternity photo shoot when we had Ellie. It all happened so fast. I was working in a very fast-paced investment bank and my stress levels were super high. I thought I was “handling it” being pregnant and all. But inside I was counting it down to my maternity leave when I could stay at home and rest and nest. Except it didn’t happen like that. I was rushed into the hospital, after a routine antenatal check ( this was in the U.K. ) and diagnosed with preeclampsia. The rest is history and my lovely Ellie bear was born 1 month early, weighing 4lbs and 17 ounces and strong as ever.

Now she is almost seven years old, smart as a whip and the tallest girl in her class.

I digress. So with all the drama surrounding my first delivery, we never did a maternity photo shoot. But this time around it’s been so different. Here are the lovely photos taken by the very talented @nataliawphotos based here in New Jersey.

Natalia was amazing to work with. Calm, fun and flexible. She worked with me to achieve my vision and I think they all came out so fab. Enjoy!



Until Next Time!

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