Going for the Gold this Thanksgiving

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This autumn has flown by! I cant believe it’s already time for the holidays. I am totally old-school though, and absolutely cannot fathom putting up a Christmas tree until the celebration of Thanksgiving has come and gone.

Thanksgiving deserves the respect of an autumn celebration, not to be overshadowed by the bells and whistles of premature Christmas décor, which is one of the many reason I still enjoy making an effort to celebrate America’s fall feast in full autumnal-only glory.

IMG_3244 - CopyIMG_3239 WATERMARK - CopyIMG_3235 - CopyIMG_3247 - Copy


This year’s décor is actually pretty simple. I gathered a few plastic pumpkins and spray painted half of them gold and the other half a pale baby blue, just to add a bit of an unexpected color to this year’s fall palette. Next, I gathered some gorgeous foliage from my garden and spray painted a few of the leaves gold to tie into the pumpkins. A few sprigs of spruce from my spruce tree completes the look. I assembled these items around my gold candelabra, added some awesome tapered candles from the Dollar Tree, and a stunning Thanksgiving Table is created.

Dinnerware comes from Vera Wang in the gold lace grosgrain pattern, its is stunning and looks amazing year after year.

If you would like to find out how I assembled this beautiful table in further detail, take a look at the video below.


Until Next Tine!



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