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It’s sooo exciting to have the opportunity to attend the annual #BlogHer conference this year. It’s all going to go down tomorrow. Thursday – Saturday June 23-25 where hundreds of female influencers and thought-leaders in the blog community will converge in one venue. Oh and did I mention Chelsea Clinton,  Serena Williams and dozens of inspirational women will be in attendance as well? 

I have to make sure my personal presentation is on point, i.e  hair and nails done and cute outfit. I need to also make sure all my logistics are arranged and make sure to bring my A game. Here is a list of how I have prepared  for the event.

Before You Go:

Book your conference pass online.

You can take advantage of The BlogHer early bird sale that runs in February when you save almost $100 off the admission price which includes access to all events.

Choose to stay at the hotel:

The Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando had an amazing conference rate that I was able to use to secure a deluxe room under the special BlogHer discount rate.

What To Bring:

When I think conference I think blazer and Business cards, but since this is BlogHer the stuffy blazer idea is cute but not crucial. BlogHer bring thousands of female online media content creators together in one venue, plus with it being held in Orlando this year I doubt anyone will be wearing a blazer!  I’m carrying  a nice cocktail dress and yes of course my business cards!


Speaking of business cards I think they are really imperative to networking  and helping other bloggers and brands to remember who they’ve met.  I know there are new digital apps that offer online business cards,  but I’m old-school and I really love a hardcopy card to hand out.  Since I was in a rush this year with organizing my cards, I ordered some same-day cards  with Staples online and picked them up locally before I left for the conference. They will do.

A big problem I struggle with is phone storage!  I  am always running out of room so make sure to upgrade your phone storage or check that you have enough iPhone storage because you’ll be taking lots of videos and photos.  Also carry a camera because you will want to take pictures and maybe vlog  content. Don’t forget your laptop, battery and headphones for video editing on the go! And of course a great tote bag to carry all your gear around.



For the conference I think a nice dress or cute top and pants are perfect. Then you might want to have another change of clothes for the evening events. Also make sure you carry a pretty comfortable pair of shoes as there will be a lot of standing around. You will also want to allow for any downtime with some swimwear and flip-flops.

What To Do:

Network Network Network. Get to know a few people before the event. Download the BlogHer app from the Apple Store.


It’s pretty convenient to know exactly which speakers are speaking on which days and where they will be speaking.  You can also create a profile so that other bloggers can connect with you and plenty more! There’s also another app called Muses where you can meet other bloggers and collaborate there as well.

It is such an exciting time for content creators to meet. develop and grow from each other and also expand our horizons and views of what’s possible!  I am so excited to be here and I look forward to making the most of it. I will see you soon with my margarita from BlogHer!

Until Next time!


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