The 2nd floor deck was a selling point when we first looked at our house.  Except for the fact that we have never actually used the space at all since we’ve lived here.  The walls were very short and provided very little safety for a buoyant family to feel relaxed and safe spending any length of time outdoors.  I was always fearful that an accident could happen at any time from this second floor landing, so this space went completely neglected.  That is until I had the awesome idea to install a privacy fence.


I contacted my handyman to create a custom frame to chase the structure of the existing wall. Once the frame was up, he cut and installed pre-made white latice to fill in the frame work.


We then went about decorating the lattice to add the final layer to our outside oasis.  I selected this faux ivy winscreen purchased from to complete the look



This is what the finished result looks like.  We adore the secret garden feel of our new fence. The artificial Faux Ivy leaf screen totally completes the look and provide us with real privacy.  The floors were sanded and painted using BEHR’s DeckOver in Cape Cod Grey.


The fence was very simple to install and looks so lovely on the deck, it provides privacy and a completely French patio je ne sais quoi! You can purchase the screen here. 

For a more in-depth look at our deck transformation, check out the video below.

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