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I feel energized, empowered and inspired. I went to MommyCon NYC this weekend and I think I can say it has changed my life for the better. For the first time,  I feel l’ve found people who are just like me – moms who don’t know all the answers. Moms who are still trying to figure it out. Moms who are keen to learn and admit they aren’t perfect. Those who accept vulnerability and use it as a tool to find strength through authenticity in this journey called parenthood.

I was so inspired by so many of the speakers at MommyCon NYC. Two in fact, Amy Appleton and Ilana Grostern ( talked like they were practically in my head with their witty and accurate anecdotes about how to find your tribe, how to challenge and question the stories we have been told about motherhood and that we all have to make a practice of giving ourselves permission to nurture ourselves body and soul.
I learned about how to turn passions into profits with Tula baby and met an arsenal of vendors with amazing products and services for kids and parents.

MommyCon is a nation-wide natural parenting conference that focuses on a wide range of topics,  from advice on how to use cloth diapering to teaching parents how to teach their children to develop good financial skills. Children are more than welcome to attend with special play areas designed for kids to explore.

It was an amazing experience and I learned to much. If you would like to find out more, visit MommyCon’s website at and don’t forget to check out my visit to MommyCon NYC by clicking on my vlog below!



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